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23 February 2016

California: County Supervisor Wants EMF Review for Sunrise Powerlink

The Powerlink is a 500,000-volt, $1.9 billion, 117-mile transmission line between San Diego and the Imperial Valley.

Jacob wants EMF review for Sunrise Powerlink

by Jeff McDonald, sandiegouniontribune.com, 
22 February 2016

County Supervisor Dianne Jacob has asked the California Public Utilities Commission to open an investigation and conduct an independent review into the levels of low-frequency radiation emitted by the Sunrise Powerlink transmission line.

Jacob said her office has received numerous calls, emails and letters expressing concern about possible health effects of the electromagnetic field, most notably around Alpine.

“It has been reported that the measured EMF readings above the underground portion of the Sunrise Powerlink along Alpine Boulevard are significantly higher than previously recorded,” she wrote in a letter dated Feb. 17. “While I’m not aware of federal or state standards for EMF, the levels being recorded are way beyond what some experts consider safe.”

The letter was addressed to commission President Michael Picker, who said public safety would be his top priority when he took over early last year. Jacob sent copies to the other commissioners, as well as to Gov. Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Commission spokeswoman Terrie Prosper did not immediately respond to questions about whether Picker would agree to the investigation.

Low-level radiation is emitted by many common electrical devices and equipment, including power lines, televisions, cellphones, hair dryers and microwave ovens, among others.

There is ongoing disagreement over the health effects of EMFs, with some people reporting higher rates of leukemia and other cancers due to prolonged exposure and others complaining of headaches, nausea and other lesser impacts.

“Studies have shown that some workers exposed to high magnetic fields have increased cancer rates,” the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated. “But such associations do not necessarily show that EMF exposures cause cancer.”

In her letter to state regulators and elected officials, Jacob noted that some of the highest EMF readings were found near the local elementary school, community center and future library site.

“I strongly urge you to investigate and review the matter so the public is aware of any potential health risks,” she wrote.

The Powerlink is a 500,000-volt, $1.9 billion, 117-mile transmission line between San Diego and the Imperial Valley, completed in June 2012 after 18 months of construction. It is designed to carry renewable energy from desert wind and solar sources to power customers in more populated areas.


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