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11 April 2015

Maine's "Cellular Telephone Labeling Act"

Maine's "Cellular Telephone Labeling Act"
saferemr.com, 1st April 2015

The Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology of the 127th Maine State Legislature held a public hearing on the "Cellular Telephone Labeling Act" (LD 883) on Tuesday, March 31.

The bill requires cell phone manufacturers that include safety notifications in their owner's manuals to ensure that the phone's packaging includes these safety notifications or a label indicating where the safety notifications may be found in the owner's manual.

The bill prohibits retailers from selling phones without the appropriate labels. It requires manufacturers to provide the safety notifications to retailers at no cost to the retailers. It prohibits retailers from selling phones that do not bear the following label warning that the device emits radiofrequency electromagnetic fields:

"This device emits radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. Avoid direct contact."

Finally, the bill requires retailers to provide an information bulletin to the purchaser informing the purchaser of potential health risks associated with cell phone use. A violation of these provisions is considered a violation of the Maine Unfair Trade Practices Act.

In March, 2014, a similar bill sponsored by Rep. Andrea Boland passed both houses of the Maine Legislature but was killed by cell phone lobbyists who co-opted the Democratic House leadership to switch their votes when it was returned to the originating body for enactment -- normally a routine vote. For more information on Rep. Boland's bill, see my Mar 21, 2014 press release.

The current bill is sponsored by Rep. Harlow of Portland. Co-sponsors include Rep. Beavers (South Berwick), Chapman (Brooksville), Chipman (Portland), Dunphy (Embden), and Rykerson (Kittery).

Full text of the "Cellular Telephone Labeling Act": http://1.usa.gov/18Orj8N

Status of the bill: http://1.usa.gov/1LANHo7

Public Hearing Testimony, 11 items

Boland, Andrea M. Sanford (748 KB)
Callahan, Kevin TechAmerica (116 KB)
Clegg, Frank Canadians for Safe Technology (203 KB)
Cobb, Kristen Portland (225 KB)
Cotta, H David China, Maine (46 KB)
Friedman, Ed Friends of Merrymeeting Bay (194 KB)
Harlow, Denise Maine State Legislature (77 KB)
Hart, Debra Retail Association of Maine (57 KB)
Keegan, Gerard CTIA-The Wireless Association (326 KB)
Ory, Dr. Howard CTIA (836 KB)
Turner, James Swankin and Turner (507 KB)


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